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Dennis Chen provides legal services in these areas:

  • Quiet Title Action

Very often a person claims an ownership interest in real estate and creates a 'cloud on title' which has to be resolved through a court action to determine the true owners of the property.  Dennis Chen is available to handle Quiet Title Actions in the courts of Florida.

Dennis is prepared to assist home-owners in the defense of foreclosure actions brought by lenders.  Home-owners should beware of companies and investors that offer to 'help' you out of foreclosure.  See the section on Real Estate Fraud.  Contact Dennis Chen to schedule a consultation to answer questions regarding the paperwork presented in such a transaction. 

  • Landlord/tenant - Landlord & Tenant

We are prepared to provide our services in eviction actions representing either the landlord or tenant.  This area of law appears to be simple, but it is fraught with technicalities that can result in the dismissal of an eviction action or in the waiver of eviction defenses.  Do not assume that you can 'go it alone' in this area of law.  The loser may be held responsible for the winners attorney's fees.

  • Partition - co-owner disputes

When property is owned jointly there is often the question, "How much of the sale proceeds am I entitled to?", or "What can I do to get my share of the equity out of this property?"  When faced with such questions, contact an attorney for the appropriate answer prior to signing any documents.  Do not assume that your hands are tied.  Dennis Chen will provide an initial consultation to determine if there is a legal solution to your real estate problem.

  • Contract Litigation - including specific performance

Consult an attorney to determine if there is a legal manner of resolving your contract dispute.  The time for enforcing specific performance of a real estate contract can be as little as one year.  Do not wait until your time has almost expired to speak with an attorney.

Home-owners should beware of companies and investors that offer to 'help' you out of foreclosure, especially if they are discouraged from speaking with an attorney.  When presented with such an offer to 'save' your home or property, have all documents reviewed by an attorney before signing anything.

There are numerous situations where a home-owner is convinced to sign a deed conveying their property to an unscrupulous investor.  Often such a transaction results in the loss of the home-owners' equity.  Generally, a loan or mortgage agreement does not require the signing of a deed.  If a Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed, Mortgage Deed, or any other complicated document is presented by the investor or lender, consult an attorney immediately.

  • General Real Estate Litigation - commercial & residential

Dennis Chen is prepared to assist in litigation or in pre-litigation consultation to resolve general real estate disputes.  Call this firm to schedule a telephone or office conference (407) 347-4027.