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Dennis Chen is prepared to help you in your Mortgage Foreclosure matter.  Are you facing foreclosure?  Are you more than two months behind paying your mortgage?  Consult an experienced attorney to discuss your options and what to expect in a foreclosure case.

Dennis is prepared to assist home-owners in the defense of foreclosure actions brought by lenders.  Home-owners should beware of companies and investors that offer to 'help' you out of foreclosure.  Also beware of Short Sale Specialists.  If you are required to pay an up front fee to get help with your foreclosure or with a short sale, you should contact an attorney to review any paperwork before paying them.

Lenders occasionally file a mortgage foreclosure action when they have no proof that they actually own the loan.  An experienced lawyer may be able to effectively defend the foreclosure action.  If you have any questions about your mortgage foreclosure case, schedule an appointment for an attorney to evaluate your case and the foreclosure documents.


The principal attorney, Dennis Chen, has been a central Florida lawyer for over 10 years and has handled primarily trial matters over the course of his career.  He is prepared to help homeowners with foreclosure defense in State Courts or in Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may allow you to stop foreclosure and the harassing calls.

Dennis Chen is prepared to represent you in your foreclosure matter. Call this firm to schedule a telephone or office conference - (407) 347-4027

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